Design Process

Design and illustration is an organic process. From the initial creative brief all the way through to adding the finishing touches on an illustration, it’s something that is continually taking shape, continually growing. The design process is taking a small idea and interpreting that idea into something visual.


Each design begins with a conversation. This conversation usually happens in a coffee shop somewhere but certainly isn’t limited to a place. I’m happy for discussions to take place over the phone or in an email. Through the dialogue we share, a creative brief is formed.


After that initial conversation I begin to sketch rough thumbnails in a sketchbook, generally within the first 24hrs, while the conversation is still fresh in my mind. I’ll then take a handful of thumbnail sketches and work on them a little more thoroughly. It’s usually at this refining stage where I’ll show a client a number of proposed designs and layouts.


Once a path has been made clear and a concept has been chosen, the original sketch will be properly designed and/or illustrated into a final artwork file for print and reproduction.


If you have any queries or would like to know more about the services I provide, feel free to send me an email.


Usually where there's specialty coffee pouring,


Rough thumbnail sketches made after our initial conversation


After a few different ideas are presented, a concept is agreed upon


Digital artwork is created


Finished art is complete. Files are prepared for print.


Finish off the same way we started, with a fine geisha V60.