Welcome to Handmark

Handmark Press was established in late 2017 as a way of providing an additional service to my design and illustration business. Letterpress printing is without question one of the most elegant forms of printing. When I first saw these old machines and the end result they produce, I was mindful that this type of traditional printing needs to be preserved.

Due to the change in commercial media leaning toward digital platforms, the need for such printing has diminished over the years. However, at Handmark Press, we’re not too fussed on all things digital and care more about honouring the traditions of letterpress, the good old fashioned way.

Meet Henry

Amongst the letterpress printing community, each antique press is generally given a name. I purchased this press from an Englishman who migrated to Australia to start his printing business here in Brisbane. Henry is a hand-build antique printing press, made in 1936 by the Chandler and Price Company in Cleveland, Ohio. This stunning piece of machinery is the working horse behind Handmark Press.

Created by hand

The name certainly gives away the core of our business, that everything we do is done by hand – from the initial concept sketches, to the finished artwork, to mixing inks, and feeding paper into the press. There are no short-cuts, no mass-production. Just elegant, time-honoured letterpress design.

If you’d like to know more about letterpress printing, particularly how we can help with any events or celebrations, please get in contact – phil(at)handmarkpress.com